Rolling Clinic

Saturdays 12-3pm at Anglers Inn Call (301)840-7388 to sign up.

The Rolling Clinic is our weekly paddling practice session where we meet up to practice all our skills, mainly learning the roll.

We meet at Anglers Inn to practice on the river.. It's the perfect time to work on your roll under the eye of one of our expert instructors.

These sessions are coached by our VMKS instructors and are on Saturdays starting in May, and run through September and are FREE for package students, $20 for people with their own kayak/gear, and $30 for those who are renting ((and have completed our level 2 lesson or equivalent)

Anyone who is not a package student, or needs to rent our gear, may attend for just $30 if he or she has taken a level1 or level 2 lesson previously.

We are committed to seeing you achieve your goals, so we keep these sessions at a very low cost. Commit, and succeed !


RSVP IS REQUIRED so call ahead to rsvp/pay/sign up (301)840-7388 or email

Call (301)840-7388 to rsvp

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