Mike Mathwin

Mike is a regular on the steeps of Great Falls, and is one of the best in the playspots of the Potomac. Offering playboating clinics through Valley Mill, or just a friendly tip, you can pull him aside on the river and his passion for paddling is obvious. He is also a regional team member for Jackson Kayak.


Favorite playspot – Skookumchuk
Favorite creeks – N.F. Blckwater, Bottoms creek
Favorite rivers – Potomac, Gauley, high water Cheat, Here is what Mike has to say about Mike... I grew up canoeing and fishing on the Potomac and quickly developed a huge love for the water and the outdoors. My dad did some kayaking back in the 70ʹ′s/80ʹ′s but his main passion was fishing. One winter my dad told me if I learned to roll in the pool he would buy me a kayak so I did and got a Perception Pirouette. I used it maybe 3x and then it sat and collected dust for 3 years. It wasn't until a fishing trip in the spring of 2000 when I saw someone doing a bunch of tricks in an awfully funny looking boat to me that my love for whitewater started. It looked like so much fun I went and bought my first playboat the next day, it was a Perception Amp. Ever since then I have been hooked! I’m extremely lucky to have the Potomac as my local river because no matter what the level is there is always good year round paddling with Great Falls runnable no matter how low it gets, and there is almost always somewhere to surf. I’m super excited to be a member of the Jackson family and am really looking forward to a great season! If you see me on the Potomac (or any other river) stop and say hi!