Martin Trpis

Age 50, profession when not kayaking: Trial Lawyer.
Former competitive swimmer Former OCBP lifeguard CPR Certified 8 years of open water paddling experience on the tidal Potomac, tidal Rappahannock, Chesapeake Bay, Atlantic Ocean 4 years of white water paddling experience.


Rivers Paddled: Potomac, Upper Yough, Cheat, Upper, Middle and Lower Gauley. Purposeful movement through chaotic turbulent water and rocks is a metaphor for problem solving in everyday life. The tight little plastic boat and a sturdy paddle are a passport to self-discovery and reconnecting with nature. My favorite type of paddling is in big turbulent white water and big wave riding either on the river or in the ocean. The thrills of overcoming fear, learning new moves, understanding new concepts, getting from point A to point B with improved perception and coordination of movements is what made childhood discoveries and accomplishments so thrilling. White water lets you be the triumphant kid all over again. It is you and the elements and your movement through them. The connection between your activity and the environment is immediate and pure. Time spent this way needs no philosophical justification; it is self- justifying; it is good in and of itself. The Potomac from Great Falls to the tidal waters is a natural treasure and a spiritually empowering and restorative place. Kayaking is not for everyone, but if you love the moving water and the thrill of staying in control in the midst of chaos, if you love the charge of an adrenaline rush and the triumph of overcoming your fear of a place, a situation, an event; it may be for you. Come out and give it a try; we’ll take good care of you.