Kayak Fishing Team

Jim Buley (Team Manager)-

After a 30 year hiatus from fishing, Jim has returned to fishing because of Jackson Kayak and their great lineup of fishing kayaks. Jim has been a whitewater kayaker for over 20 years, so combining his love for kayaking with an old hobby of fishing seemed like a perfect match. "Fishing from a kayak has reignited my passion for fishing. There's nothing better than being on the water, and getting to spots you can only access in a kayak."

Rich Forfa-

I was raised near Barnegat inlet in New Jersey and grew up fishing and duck hunting the waters near my home . The fishing was inside the bay ,inlet or just offshore mostly saltwater in my fathers boston whaler.The fish caught were winter and summer flounder ,blues,stripers , weakfish and occasional bonita and tuna. I did this from about 12 years old when I could fish alone until my college years.
I did not fish as much in my college years but learned how to fly fish for trout and bass. I then went on to Veterinary school and chances to fish were limited but did some fly fishing .
My second veterinary job in 1981 was on the eastern shore of Maryland so in my limited time off I was able to fish the Chester river and Chesapeake bay. I was also married in 1983 to Tracey a canoe and kayak person whose family owned a house on a large Adirondack lake in New York .So the connection to paddling began there. I had a backpack canoe / kayak hybrid that a friend and I carried in to secluded Adirondack ponds to fish for trout.
My saltwater fishing was limited by my busy equine veterinary practice which I began in Montgomery and Frederick counties in 1983. I did get out for a few days each year to fish the Adirondack lakes and ponds .I now began fishing from a sit on top kayak dubbed by my wife as the battle ship because of the appearance of the fish finder and rod holders .
About five years ago I began fishing the upper Potomac for bass from a kayak and also began Chesapeake bay fishing from a kayak.
To me fishing out of the kayak affords me the ability to virtually fish anywhere and especially places which are hard to get to with a power boat. I also feel it is quiet and environmentally friendly and a good physical workout. With the proper equipment we have fished the bay ,river and lakes in the fall and winter when you have the waters to yourself and kayaking friends.
Our plans for the fishing team this year are to fish as many fresh and saltwater tournaments as fits our work schedules. We want to give Jackson kayaks the best exposure possible .
Jackson is here to stay in the fishing market and is quickly responding to the kayak fisherman's wishes for different type of fishing kayaks ,there are more in the prototype stage as you read this.
Stay tuned for the Valley Mill Boats kayak fishing team in the year to come.

Kevin Peter Oyarzo Jr
Born 1984 in Montgomery county.I grew up in and around boats, cars, and horses. My dad owed an auto repair shop in Columbia MD for a while which afforded us our Bayliner Classic, the gas it took to fill it, and the truck to go fishing in the bay and tidal/lower Potomac.

When I turned 13 my parents moved us out to a farm on the Frederick Montgomery County line. My dad decided to change careers for a while and started an organic chicken and egg farm and we needed a place to keep our horses .Our farm property line is the Monocacy River, close to where it runs into the Potomac River. As a kid I grew up wet wading the Monocacy River and fishing the banks of the Potomac all summer and into the fall.

Horses came into my life when I was 12 years old, and are now my profession. I am a full time ferrier, or horseshoer, for 11 years now in Frederick and Montgomery County.

I married to my wife Lauren in June of 2010. We met at a barn that we both did work at and the rest is history. She is a professional horse trainer and is based out of Mt. Airy.

I am a big catch and release advocate. I want to help each and every body of water I paddle, and not take from it.

Kevin is psyched to be a part of the Valley Mill Fishing Team, and we are glad to have him. Kevin's massive enthusiasm, knowledge, and pure love of fishing make him a great addition to the Valley Mill Team. You will see him in just about all the waterways in MD, and VA slaying fish in his Jackson Cuda12.

Here's what Kevin has to say about joining our team, and paddling Jackson fishing kayaks=

" In 2013 I met Jim Buley from Valley Mill and he introduced me to Jackson kayaks and totally changed my thinking on, not only what a fishing kayak is capable of , but how comfortable you can be all day while fishing out of a Jackson. I now have a 2014 Cuda 12 and thanks to Valley Mill, I cant get out of it. The maneuverability of this kayak while staying stable in high winds is unmatched by any other fishing kayak I have been in.

One awesome feature I want to talk about is the high low seating position. Being a little higher up while sitting all day makes a huge difference in being able to focus on fishing, not how bad your back is, or will be, hurting later. One other feature I will mention is the stand up assist strap. It helps you get up from sitting which makes standing effortless. But more importantly it helps you sit back down smoothly and very quietly. I cant tell you how many fish I have scared trying to stand or sit in other fishing kayaks.

When it comes to fishing platforms, actions speak louder than words, so if its proof you want please go to Valley Mill, meet Jim, and demo a Jackson. They are unrivaled in my book. Set it up on a weekend that I'm going out to fish and I'll meet you and show you how I kayak fish so you can make an informed decision on your kayak purchase.

The other thing Jackson is unrivaled at is their pricing and standard features. I challenge you to find a more stable, stand friendly ,sit friendly, sit on top fishing kayak with as many standard features for the price that Jackson has. I also think Jackson has an awesome dealer in Valley Mill Boats. Jim, who runs the store, is knowledgeable, friendly, and can answer any questions you might have about kayaks and their parts.

I am proud to represent Valley Mill and so very glad to have such a well known and proven sponsor ! It is an honor to put their name on my boat."

Kevin is also available for guiding services (he knows where they are biting). Call Valley Mill to arrange guiding services with Kevin (301)840-7388. Private and group rates can be booked.

Below are a couple pictures of Kevin and Rich. Kevin with in his Cuda12 with a nice catfish, and Rich on land showing off his catch.

Mike Mathwin- Profile coming soon

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