Jim Buley, Director

Director of Valley Mill Kayak School and manager of Valley Mill Boats. Jim started paddling in June of 1992. He has been instructing since May of 1994.

Jim Buley above Great Falls

Jim’s favorite quote: “Kayaking is FUN!” Favorite River: The Potomac “The Potomac has everything a kayaker could ask for- from class 1 to class 5 rapids in a two mile section of river, from Great Falls to Anglers Inn. It is the best river to learn on because of it’s diversity, easy access, and year ’round paddling season.”

Favorite River Experiences- I enjoy competing in freestyle, and squirtboating. I competed in the US National Freestyle Championships during the Teva Tour of 2001- that was an amazing experience ! I also love anytime I run Great Falls with my friends, or paddling the Gauley in the fall- good times! I think river running with your friends encompasses all the greatest aspects of kayaking.

Jim Buley competing in the Great Falls Race during the 2010 Potomac Whitewater Festival. (Photo courtesy of Hector Picart)