Valley Mill History

This List Represents a History of Valley Mill Kayakers, Past to Present, Their Accomplishments, and Contributions to Our Sport.If we somehow left you off this list, and you want to be added, please contact us at The List Continues to Grow...

May McEwan, K1-W, 1973 Senior National Champion (mother of Jamie and Tom McEwan and Evelyn McEwan-(current owner of Valley Mill)

Jamie McEwan, C1 Slalom, 1972 National Champion, 1972 Olympics Bronze Medalist (First Olympic Medal Awarded to the US in Whitewater Slalom),1975 C1 Slalom Champion, 1987 C2 Slalom Silver Medal World Championships, 1988 and 1989 C2 Slalom Gold Medal Whitewater Slalom World Cup, C2, 1992 Olympics (placed 4th) C2, 1996 Olympic Team member, 2005 International Whitewater Hall of Fame Inductee, Valley Mill Red Shirt

Tom McEwan, K1-M, Wildwater and Slalom, 1973 National Champion, 1974, 1977, 1978, 1983, 1985 National Champion, Founder- Liquid Adventures Kayak School, First Descent of Great Falls of the Potomac Aug. 1976

Angus Morrison, C1 Wildwater, 1977, 1978, 1983, and 1985 National Champion

Dan Schnurrenberger, K1 Wildwater, 1979, 1980, 1981 1992 C2 National Champion, 1984 Olympic Team Member, First Descent of Great Falls of the Potomac Aug. 1976, Valley Mill Red Shirt

Dutch Downey, C2 Slalom, 1980 National Team

Cathy Hearn, K1-W Downriver 1979, 1980, 1985, 1986 and 1987 National Champion and International Hall of Fame 2007.

Kent Ford, C1 Slalom 1977 National Champion , C2 Slalom 1987 National Champion, C1 Slalom 1983 and 1985 World Champion , International White Water Hall of Fame Inductee 2008

Andy Bridge, C1 Wildwater 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994 and 1996 National Champion, World Championships: 1990 Silver Medal, 91Bronze Medal, 92 Gold Medal, 1992 World Cup Champion , Works for Werner Paddles as the Director of Research and Development, Valley Mill Red Shirt

Howard Foer, C2 Wildwater with Andy Bridge, US Team member, 1983 C2 Wildwater National Champion

Nelson Oldham, K1 Wildwater, 1994, 1998, 1999, National Champion, Valley Mill Red Shirt

Andrew McEwan, K1 Wildwater, 2000, 2001 and 2003 National Champion, Valley Mill Red Shirt

Caroline Domenghino, K1-W Wildwater, 2001 National Champion, 1994-2002 Swiss Team Member, Valley Mill Red Shirt

Geoff Calhoun, K1 Wildwater, 2004, 2005, 2007 and 2008 National Champion, Valley Mill Red Shirt

Sam Drevo
Head Instructor and Founder of eNRG Kayaking School. Sam is an ACA Instructor Trainer.
When he is not out traveling the world in pursuit of first or last descents and documenting them on film, you can find Sam Drevo in the Northwest teaching kayaking. As owner and operator of Northwest River Guides LLC, dba eNRG Kayaking, Sam builds his curriculum off of twenty years of paddling experience. He brings with him a rich foundation based on years of training on the Potomac River in Washington D.C. with Valley Mill, and under the tutelage of the U.S. Canoe & Kayak Team coaches. His competitive background started as a member of Team USA at the Jr. World Championships in Norway at age 15. He soon earned spots on the US team in every discipline of whitewater kayaking (slalom, wildwater, freestyle, and ocean surfing) and excelled in freestyle ranked #2 overall in the US in 1997, and #6 in the world in 1998. His competitive career was punctuated by his win at the Ford Gorge Games- Outdoor World Championships in Extreme Kayaking in 2001 (aired on NBC Sports). Valley Mill Red Shirt

John Weld, owner of Immersion Research, never competed but is a well known expedition kayaker. His whitewater kayaking expeditions include: a crossing of Baffin Island in the Canadian Arctic in 1992 and a traverse of Borneo in the Malay Archipelago in 1997. Valley Mill Red Shirt

Jason Beakes, K1-M Slalom, 1990 Junior Slalom Team Member, 8 years on the US Slalom Team, over 30 podium finishes in extreme kayaking competitions (including 6 Great Falls extreme race wins), ACA certified instructor for whitewater and adaptive paddling instructor for Team River Runner – a Washington D.C. based organization that teaches kayaking to Veterans who have been wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan, Valley Mill Red Shirt

Eric Orenstein, K1 Wildwater, National Team member, Valley Mill Red Shirt

Middy Tilghman, K1 Wildwater, National Team member, Valley Mill Red Shirt

Ryan Bahn, C1 Slalom, 2005 National Champion, Valley Mill Red Shirt

Louis Geltman, K1, "kayaker"- (he told me to say that), and Valley Mill Red Shirt

Kirsten Brown, K1-W, 1991 Bronze Medal ICF Canoe World Championships, National Team member multiple times

Seth Eisner, K1 Wildwater, National Team member, Valley Mill Red Shirt

Joe Jacobi, C2 Slalom 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, and 1992 National Champion, 1992 Olympics – Gold Medal (The First Olympic Gold Medal for the US in Whitewater Slalom), Valley Mill Red Shirt

Elliot Weintraub, C2, 1992 Olympic Team member, 1993 C2 Slalom National Champion, Valley Mill Red Shirt

Eric Levine- Valley Mill Red Shirt

Gregory Pasternack, Valley Mill Red Shirt, August 1987.

Norm Bellingham, K2 Sprint, Three-time Olympian Norman Bellingham joined the United States Olympic Committee as the organization's Chief Operating Officer on November 1, 2006. Bellingham, was a member of the 1984, 1988 and 1992 U.S. Olympic Teams.
At the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul, Korea, Bellingham teamed with Greg Barton to win the gold medal in the two-man 1,000-meter sprint kayak race

Aaron Mann, K1 Slalom, 2009 US Team Member

Peter Lutter, Wildwater, Three Time Junior National Champion, US National Team

Simon Ranagan, K1, US Junior National Team, 2010 Mid-Atlantic Regional Team

Tyler Uthus, K1-M, Mid-Atlantic Regional Team Cadet, and C2 Cadet, Valley Mill Red Shirt

Jordan Sherman, K1-M, Mid-Atlantic Regional Team Cadet

Adrianne Kehne, K1-W, Mid-Atlantic Regional Team Cadet

Aaron Marmelstein, C2, Mid-Atlantic Regional Team Cadet

Simon Beardmore, K1 Wildwater,, US Wildwater Team , Valley Mill Red Shirt

Casey Eichfeld (Coached by Valley Mill's Martin Nevaril) C1 and C2 Slalom, 2006 National Slalom Champion, 2006 Silver Medal Junior Team Trials, 2006 Junior Champion Junior Olympics, 2006 Junior Champion US Cup #2, 2007 Silver Medal US National Championships, 2007 Gold Medal Junior National Team Trials, 2007 Gold Medal US Team Trials, 2007 Junior Champion Youth Olympic Festival, 2008 Olympian, 2008 Silver Medal Olympic Team Trials, 2008 Gold Medal Dickerson, 2008 Gold Medal at Glacier Breaker, 2008 Gold Medal US Open, 2010 Charlotte Open Champion

Bruce Uthus, K4, 1988 Sprint National Champion K2, 1991 Marathon National Champion K2, 1994 Marathon National Champion, 2010 Junior Olympics Coaches Trophy for Valley Mill Racing Team, Valley Mill Red Shirt

Ashley Nee, K1-W Slalom 2010 Gold Medal Slalom National Championships, National Slalom Team Member, Silver Medal Pan-American Championships 2011, Valley Mill Red Shirt

Caroline Queen, K1-W Slalom, 2010 Silver Medal Slalom National Championships, US National Junior Team

Kent Ford
Kent Ford’s unique background includes more than twenty years of teaching, paddling, coaching and international whitewater racing. His twenty plus videos and books on paddlesports have influenced the education of a half million paddlers and have made him one of the most recognized paddlers in whitewater worldwide.
Ford is a founding participant of The Whitewater Symposium, a three-day annual event that seeks to advance the sport of whitewater kayaking by bringing together top paddlers, industry representatives, instructors, and program leaders to address current issues within the sport. He is also a veteran of over 330 rivers in 27 countries and has been a member of expeditions in the Soviet Union, Costa Rica, Turkey, and Mexico.
Advocate Accomplishments:
• Producer/writer for Performance Video (1990 to present) for educational/instructional paddlesport books and videos including Whitewater Self-Defense, The Kayaker’s Edge, Solo Playboating, The River Runner’s Edge, The Kayak Roll, Breakthrough, The Kayaker’s Playbook, Take the Wild Ride, The Citizen Racers Workshop, Drill-Time Solo Playboating II, The C-1 Challenge, and Retendo
• Pro-bono producer/writer of conservation videos including Animas La Plata- At What Cost, which was partially responsible for downsizing of the project, and Dolores River, which advocated better balance in flow management
• Producer/writer of ACA/U.S. Coast Guard Video Productions for National Paddlesport Safety System for coastal kayaking, rafting, and whitewater kayaking
• Announcer at World Championships, World Cups and Olympic Games(1989 to present)
• Founding participant of The Annual Whitewater Symposium (2005)
• Present of past board member of San Juan Citizen’s Alliance, American Canoe Association, USA Canoe Kayak, and Chairman of ACA SEIC (2001-2005)
• Technique contributor to Canoe Magazine (1985-87) and Paddler Magazine (1999-2004)

• National C-1 Champion: 1977 and National C-2 Champion: 1987
• Member of U.S. Whitewater team (C-1): 1979, 1983, 1985
• Member of Gold Medal C-1 Slalom Team: ’83 and ’85 World Championship
• Member of Silver Medal C-1 Wildwater Team: 1979
• Assistant coach for Whitewater Slalom Championships and head coach for the U.S. Junior team
• First Descents of Animas Gorge (CO) and Moctazume (Mexico)

Cathy Hearn
Cathy began her two-decade winning career in international competition with an unprecedented three gold medals (’79 World Championship) in slalom, slalom team, and wildwater team events.
She has always been extremely competitive in all types of whitewater including C-1 (her first whitewater boating experience) and C-2, and in wildwater in addition to slalom. Cathy has shared her knowledge during most of her career providing affordable and volunteer coaching nationally and internationally. She is the current U.S. National Coach, primarily working with the C-1 and C-2 national team athletes.Cathy taught kayaking for Valley Mill Camp. Cathy is also a certified practitioner of the Feldenkrais Method which she has incorporated specifically for coaching of paddling technique.
Champion Accomplishments:
K1W- Slalom, Wildwater, and C2 1979, 1980, 1985-'87, 1989, 1991-'92, 1995-'98 National Champion
• Gold Medalist: ’79 World Championship
• Silver Medalist: ’81 World Championship
• Two-time Bronze Medalist: ’89 and ’97 World Championship
• Two-time Bronze Overall Medalist: ’89 and ’97 World Cup
• Two-time Olympian: ’92 and ‘96
2007 International Whitewater Hall of Fame Inductee
Other Accomplishments:
• Outrigger Canoe World Championship Women’s team member (1993 and 1994)
• National and Olympic Team coach for Italy (2004)
• US National Team coach (2005-2007)

Current Valley Mill Racing Team Members
(2009 US Junior Olympic Slalom Club Champions, 2010 Junior Olympic Slalom Club Champions)
Natalie Andrasko
Lily Durkee
Josh Ellis
Moriah Heaney
Daniel Johnston
Madeline Kaplan
Adrianne Kehne
Aaron Marmelstein
Jacob Marmelstein
Jordan Sherman
Chloe Sherman
David Weber
Evan Uthus
Kelsey Uthus
Tyler Uthus

The Tradition of Excellence Continues at Valley Mill