Kayak Lessons; Beginner through Advanced

NOTE- WE DO NOT HAVE ONLINE REGISTRATION! You MUST call (301)840-7388 to schedule/pay. If you have a discount voucher you may EMAIL us at kayak@valleymill.com with your requested date/time from the schedule. Please include your voucher number and contact phone number in your email If the date/time is available, we will confirm your reservation by emailing you back. If you are not using a voucher, payment in advance is required for all reservations by calling (301)840-7388

Valley Mill Kayak School Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Whitewater Kayaking Lessons, things to bring, and cancellation policy.

OUR BEGINNER LESSONS START IN MAY (Conditions permitting) and end on OCT. 1st
Here is a video of one of our Whitewater Level 1 lessons. The whole lesson wasn't filmed, but you can see some of it here. The majority of the lesson takes place on the water.

Filmed and edited by Chris Ziegler

Call to sign up (301)840-7388 Outdoor beginner lessons begin in May

The LEVEL 1 Intro To WHITEWATER Lesson is the most important lesson you could ever take. This lesson lays the foundation for everything else you will learn in the sport and is absolutely crucial for you going forward in the progression.

Outdoor beginner Season ends Oct 1st
Indoor Pool Sessions begin in Nov- See our "Pool Sessions" page for all indoor pool session date/times

LEVEL 2, MASTERING THE KAYAK ROLL- COST $120 (gear included, if needed)
(completion of LEVEL1 is REQUIRED! ) Call to sign up (301)840-7388

Outdoor lessons end Oct 1st
Indoor pool sessions begin in Nov- See our "Pool Sessions" page

This is the rolling progression we teach at Valley Mill, being shown here by Eric Jackson, 4 time World Freestyle Champion, and founder and president of Jackson Kayaks

WHITEWATER KAYAKING LEVEL 3- Moving Current Strokes and Concepts- COST $120
Dates/Times vary and will be determined at sign up.This lesson takes you from flatwater into moving current. The skills of "reading water", and stroke technique are applied to such tasks as "peal-outs", ferrying, and more.

Call (301)840-7388 (A SOLID ROLL IS REQUIRED)
Dates/Times vary and will be determined at sign up, as well as location. This lesson gives you the full whitewater experience: running a section of river, rapid scouting, group safety, and much more. This lesson is a culmination of all lessons 1-3

This package gives you all four lessons in the beginner series, as well as our weekly practice sessions. We use the #1 brand of kayaks in the industry, combined with the fastest progression in the sport. You learn faster, in a smaller group size.

Weekday group lessons can be arranged. Minimum group size is 10 students
Weekday and Weekend private lessons can be scheduled for any day of the week with sufficient notice by calling (301)840-7388

IF YOU HAVE A COUPON VOUCHER= have it in front of you before you call or Email to schedule ! We need the code off the voucher to confirm your reservation.

Valley Mill Kayak School is a Jackson Kayak Super School, meaning we only use Jackson Kayaks, the number one brand in the kayaking industry. We use Jackson kayaks in our instructional programs. It is the perfect kayak to learn in, because it is comfortable, stable, and it is easy to paddle and roll.

BEGINNER Whitewater LEVEL 1 , 2, and 3. LESSONS take place at Anglers Inn just a few minutes from DC. Level 4 lesson locations depend on river levels and will be determined at scheduling.

DO NOT use GPS or online mapping websites to find us!!!! They may take you to the wrong location.

Call to sign up and pay for any of these lessons (301)840-7388

** Please note: We do not give refunds on lessons, lesson packages, or Discount Vouchers and will only offer credit for future lessons- no exceptions! **

See Our Cancellation Policy at the Bottom of this Page

sit on top
Valley Mill instructor Milan Rusnak works one on one with a student during the wet exit progression of the beginner lesson #1

A detailed description of the Jackson Fun Runner from Jackson Kayak founder and president, Eric "EJ" Jackson. You will be using the newest, and one of the best kayaks in the industry for all your beginner lessons with Valley Mill.You may cancel/reschedule up to 24 hours prior to your scheduled lesson.

No refunds will be given to cancellations within 24 hours of your scheduled lesson- NO EXCEPTIONS ! No EXCUSES! Only credit towards a future lesson will be applied. Valley Mill reserves the right to cancel any lesson due to inclement weather, high water, or lack of participation required for group lessons. Credit will be issued for any lesson or trip that Valley Mill cancels.

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